Tinctures and Salves


Root Laughter Herbal Honeys These herbal honeys are fresh herbs infused in raw honey.
You can integrate an herbal honey into your diet anywhere you now use honey: dressing
salads, sweetening teas, baking, drizzled on toast, or as a great instant tea.

*All honeys come in 6 ounce jars for $8.25*

Energy Honey: Siberian ginseng, bee pollen, ho shu wu, peppermint, jujube fruit, ginger
root, cayenne, and woods-grown American ginseng.

Immune Booster Honey: Red root, Siberian ginseng, echinacea, thuja, astragalus root,
calendula flowers, lomatium root, arrowleaf balsam root, licorice root, ginger root,
and cayenne.

Gladdening Honey: St. Johns Wort flowers, Siberian ginseng, oat flowers, kava kava root,
lemon balm, spikenard, gotu-kola, lavender, skullcap, and flower essences of mustard,
agrimony, and gorse.

Hormone Balancing Honey: Chaste tree berries, wild yam root, dandelion root, black
cohosh, motherwort, dong quai, and licorice root.

Cough Soother Honey: Thyme, licorice root, cherry bark, arrowleaf balsam root,
marshmallow root, chamomile, and horehound.
Root Laughter Vinaguards  Herbal Vinaguards are fresh tonic herbs infused in vinegar.
They are appropriate for individuals making alcohol-free choices, and they can be
substituted one-for-one in any recipe calling for culinary vinegar. Sprinkle Vinaguards
on salads and steamed vegetables, or simply stir a spoonful into water and drink with or
without sweetener.  Vinegar has a sour taste, a taste which is very important to
digestion but lacking in today's sweet-dominated American diet.

*All Vinaguards come in 4 ounce bottles for $4.95.*

Energy Vinaguard: Siberian ginseng, bee pollen, borage, jujube fruit, ho shu wu, gotu
kola, woods-grown American ginseng, damiana, sarsparilla, licorice, and cayenne.

Immune Booster Vinaguard: Astragalus, lomatium root, Siberian ginseng, red root,
cleavers, echinacea, thuja, red clover flowers, calendula flowers, and licorice root.

Gladdening Herbs Vinaguard: St. John's wort flowers, Siberian ginseng root, oat flowers,
kava kava root, lemon balm, gotu kola, motherwort, skullcap, borage flowers, and flower
essences of mustard, agrimony, and gorse.

Clarity Vinaguard: Ginkgo, Siberian ginseng, gotu kola, oat flowers, borage flowers,
rosemary, and flower essences of cerato, wild oat, schleranthus.

Frayed Nerves Vinaguard: Siberian ginseng, oat flowers, lemon balm, pedicularis,
sarsparilla root, skullcap, and flower essence of cerato aspen, and white chestnut.

Hormone Balancing Vinaguard: Chastetree berries, nettles, raspberry leaf, lemon blam,
partridgeberry leaf, motherwort, wild yam root, dong quai, licorice root, sarsparilla
root, strawberry leaf, helonius, and flower essences of cherry plum, agrimony, and

Women's Mineral Vinaguard: Nettles, raspberry leaf, lemon balm, oat flowers, alfalfa
leaf, red clover flowers, strawberry leaf, fresh berries (Stawberry, raspberry, and
huckleberry) and flower essences of celandine and cerato.

Digestive Vinaguard: Fennel seed, alfalfa, chamomile, wild yam, angelica root, and
flower essence of water violet and rock water.

Root Laughter Herbal Food Sprinkles  Sprinkles are tasty blends of dried herbs that
make it easy to incorporate herbs directly into your diet. Sprinkle on meats, cooked
grains,  fresh salads and steamed vegetables.

Liver Building Sprinkle:  Milk thistle seeds, flax seeds, lecithin, burdock, chamomile,
and cardamom. $5.00

Energy Sprinkle:  Bee pollen, Siberian ginseng, spirulina, brewers yeast, ho shu wu,
hibiscus, and ginger root. $5.00

Hormone Balancing Sprinkle:  Chastetree berries, flax seeds, nettles, lemon peel,
dong quai, partridgeberry leaf, sarsparilla, orange peel, and licorice. $5.00

Nourishing Sprinkle: Lecithin, sesame, flax seeds, fennel seeds,  garlic, spirulina,
and thyme. $5.00

Hot Immune Booster Sprinkle:  Astragalus, echinacea, garlic, ginger, and cayenne. $5.00

Sweet Immune Booster Sprinkle:  Astragalus, echinacea, cinnamon, chamomile, and orange
peel. $5.00

Root Laughter Single Plant Tinctures

             				Price per ounce
Organic Astragalus Root         		7.00
Organic fresh green hulls of black walnuts      7.00
Organic fresh gingko leaf         		7.00
Organic goldenseal root          		9.00
Organic fresh kava-kava root          		7.00
Fresh lomatium root           			7.00
Organic fresh motherwort          		7.00
Fresh St. John's wort flowers         		7.00
Fresh valerian root           			7.00

"Wind River is based at the foot of the Grand Teton Mountains in northwestern 
Wyoming, an area justly famous for clean air, pure water and clear skies. We are
committed to offering premium herbal products from the highest quality plants. We
wildcraft our plants or have them organically grown for us. Our plants are harvested
from unpolluted areas and are never fumigated or irradiated. All harvesting is done with
respect for the plants' natural habitat and continued abundance. Our extracts (tinctures)
are percolated or macerated in the U.S. Pharmacopeia manner.  Due to the tincturing
process and quality of  our plants, our preparations are extremely potent.  An average
dosage for our tinctures is 20 to 30 drops (1 dropperful) in a small amount of water two
or three times per day for a 130 to 150 pound adult. Decrease accordingly for children."

  Alfalfa 			8.00
  Black Cohosh  		8.00
  Blue Cohosh 			8.00
  Burdock 			8.00
  Calendula Flowers 		8.50
  Catnip  			8.00
  Chaste Tree(Vitex)  		9.00
  Cornsilk  			8.00
  Crampbark 			8.50
  Dandelion Root  		8.50
  Dong Quai 			8.00
  Echinacea Root  		9.00
  Elder Flowers 		8.50
  Feverfew  			7.90
  Fringetree  			8.50
  Gentian Root, Green 		8.00
  Ginseng, Wild American       22.50
  Goldenseal Root	       10.50
  Gotu Kola 			8.50
  Hawthorne 			8.50
  Hops  			9.00
  Horsetail 			8.50
  Lemon Balm  			8.00
  Licorice Root 		8.00
  Lomatium Root 		8.00
  Marshmallow Root  		8.00
  Milk Thistle  		9.00
  Motherwort  			8.00
  Mullein Leaf  		8.00
  Myrrh 			8.50
  Nettles 			8.00
  Oat Flowers 			8.50
  Oregon Grape Root 		8.00
  Osha Root 			8.50
  Passionflower 		8.00
  Pau d'Arco, Argentinian 	8.00
  Pedicularis 			7.90
  Propolis (from Idaho hives) 	8.00
  Raspberry     		8.00
  Red Clover  			8.50
  Red Root  			8.50
  Saw Palmetto  		8.50
  Skullcap  			9.00
  St. John's Wort 		8.00
  Usnea 			8.50
  Uva Ursi  			8.00
  Valerian Root 		9.00
  Wild Lettuce  		8.50
  Wild Yam  			8.00
  White Willow  		8.00
  Yellow Dock 			8.00
  Yerba Santa 			8.00
  ADR Plus:  Siberian Ginseng, Hawthorne Berry, Schizandra Berries, Licorice Root,
American Ginseng, Cayenne, Grain Spirits and Water.    10.00

  Cornsilk-Pipissewa Compound:  Cornsilk, Pipissewa, Uva Ursi, Dandelion Root, Mullein
Leaf,  Marshmallow Root.  For urinary tract infections, acute or cronic.  10.00

  Cherry Bark Syrup  (4 oz.)  :  Wild Cherry Bark, Osha Root, Elder Flowers, Balsamroot,
Vegetable Glycerin, Grain Spirits, Water, and Honey. 18.00

  D-Congest:  Osha Root, Ma Huang, Mormon Tea, Lemon Verbena, Propolis, Cayenne, Cubeb
Berries, Grain Spirits and Water.   9.00

  EBQ:  Quassia Bark, Bayberry Bark, Echinacea Root, Grain Spirits and Water. 9.00

  Echinacea-Goldenseal Blend:  Echinacea Root and Goldenseal Root , Grain Spirits, and
Water  10.00

  Goldenrod-Eyebright:  Goldenrod, Nettles, Elderflowers, Eyebright, Peppermint, Sage,
Grain Spirits, and Water 9.00

  Goodnight Blend:  Passionflower, Scullcap, Spearmint, Grain Spirits, and Water  9.00

  Lomatium-Astragalus Compound (Formerly Stimmune):  Lomatium Root, Astragalus Root,
Red Root, Echinacea Root, Pau D'Arco, Calendula Flowers,Red Clover Flowers, Cymopterus
Root, Licorice Root, Grains Spirits and Water.  9.00

  Burdock Compound (Formerly Lymph Toner):   Burdock Root, Red Root, Echinacea Root,
Yellow Dock Root, Cleavers, Yerba Mansa, Grain Spirits and  Water. NOT FOR USE DURING

  Men's Tonic :  Saw Palmetto Berries, Siberian Ginseng, Dandelion Root, Alfalfa Leaf,
Sarsaparilla Root, American Ginseng, Grain Spirits and Water. 10.00

  MenopauseTonic:  Chaste Tree Berry, Burdock, Nettles, Oatstraw, St. John's Wort,
Horsetail, Motherwort, Grain Spirits, and Water 9.00

  Milk Thistle Combination (Formerly Liver Tonic) :  Milk Thistle Seed, Dandelion Root,
Oregon Grape Root, Collinsonia Root, Toadflax, Blue Vervain, Fringetree Bark, Grain
Spirits and Water. NOT FOR USE DURING PREGNANCY!  9.00

  Neutralizing Cordial  :  Turkish Rhubarb Root, Goldenseal Root, Oregon Grape Root,
Cinnamon Bark, Vegetable Glycerin, Grain Spirits and Water.  18.00

  Oatflower Horsetail Compound:  Oatflowers, Horesetail,Hawthorne Berry, Echinacea 
Root, Pedicularis, Grain Spirits and Water.  9.00

  Osha-Lungwort Compound (Formerly Respiratory Tonic) :  Osha Root, Lungwort, Yerba
Santa, Immortal, Black Cohosh, Elecampane, Yerba Mansa, Grain Spirits and Water.  9.00

  Red Root Compound :  Red Root, Propolis, Echinacea Root, Licorice Root and Vegetable
Glycerin, Grain Spirits and Water. 9.00

  Skullcap-Valerian Compound  :  Valerian Root, Skullcap,Oat Flower, Passionflower,
Pedicularis, Hops, Grain Spirits and Water. 9.00

  Super Energizer :  Sarsaparilla Root, Siberian Ginseng, Bee Pollen, Gota Kola,
Raspberry Leaf, Licorice Root, Cayenne, Grain Spirits and Water. 9.00

  Women's Tonic I :  Dong Quai, Squawvine, Raspberry Leaf, Motherwort, Nettles, Black
Haw, Chasteberry , Licorice Root, Grain Spirits and Water.  9.00

  Women's Tonic II  :  Dong Quai,  Chaste Tree Berries, Wild Yam Root, Motherwort, Black
Cohosh, St.Johnswort, American Ginseng,Grain Spirits and Water.  9.00

  Mullein-Garlic Ear Oil  :  Olive Oil, Mullein Flowers, St. Johnswort Tops, Essential
Oil of Garlic, and Vitamin E Oil.   (1/2 ounce bottle) 7.00

HERBS FOR KIDS  	Price Per Ounce


  VI BLEND  			8.00
  (Echinacea Root, Hyssop, Lemon Balm, Thyme, Lemongrass, and
   Ginger Root.)







  GOLDENSEAL 			8.00



  Arnica Liniment   (2 ounces)  6.00
  Fresh wildcrafted Arnica ,Isopropryl Alcohol and Essential Oil of Lemongrass. External
use only.

  Arnica Oil  (2 ounces)  7.00
  Fresh wildcrafted Arnica plants, Almond Oil, Spruce Oil, Vitamin E Oil. An excellent
massage oil for sore muscles and bruising. External use only.

  Arnica Salve with Wintergreen  (1 ounce)  8.00
  Fresh wildcrafted Arnica, Sweet Almond Oil, Beeswax, Vitamin E Oil, and Wintergreen
Oil. Arnica salve is for the same conditions as Arnica Liniment. For external use only.
  SALVES			Price Per Ounce
  Black Walnut-WIND RIVER HERBS 7.90
  Black Walnut Hulls, Usnea, Sweet Cicely Root, Yerba Mansa Root, Sweet Almond Oil,
Beeswax, and Tea Tree Oil. An excellent anti-fungal Salve.

  Calendula Cream- WIND RIVER HERBS 7.90
  Fresh organically grown Calendula Flowers, Sweet Almond Oil, Aloe Vera, Beeswax,
and Vitamin E Oil. A soothing all-purpose salve for cuts, burns, rashes, and dry skin.

  Comfrey Salve- WIND RIVER HERBS 7.90
  Organically grown Comfrey Leaf and Root, Sweet Almond Oil, Beeswax, and Vitamin E
Oil.A healing all-purpose salve. Antiseptic, soothing and promotes rapid healing of

  TIGER BALM		Volume		Price

  Small Tin     	0.14 oz 	1.50
  Medium Tin  		0.28 oz.  	2.60
  Large (Glass Jar) 	18 grams  	5.50
  White Flower Analgesic Balm 0.34 oz.  4.50


  Chinese Red Ginseng Roots	1 gram		1 ounce

  Kirin #2  				0.60  		15.75
  Kirin #3  				0.55  		14.75
  Kirin #4  				0.40  		10.50
  Shiu-chu 45 				0.65  		17.80
  Shiu-chu 80 				0.45  		10.50

  Ginseng Powders			1 ounce	4 ounces

  Chinese Red 				4.95  		-----
  Chinese White 			5.80  		-----
  Korean White  			5.95  		-----
  Eleuthro (Siberian) 			1.10  		3.75

  Ginseng Extracts			Volume		Price

  Korean Root & Extract (8 fl. oz. with 11 gr. root)  	11.95
  Panax Ginseng Extraction  (10 cc ampules) 10 count  	 6.30


           3 Grams Each 			10 tea bags 		 3.25
    						30 tea bags 		10.85
    						50 tea bags 		15.95
    						100 tea bags 		28.55

 Astragalus  					1 oz. 		1.25
  						4 oz. 		4.25
*Dong Quai, powder  				1 oz. 		1.45
*Dong Quai, steamed 				4 oz. 	       11.50
 Fo-Ti, powder 					1 oz. 		0.90
*Fo-Ti, whole 					1 oz. 		1.10
 Peony (Bai Sha) steamed & sliced               1 oz.		1.10
 Poria ( Fu Ling) steamed & sliced		1 oz. 		1.50
*Rehmannia (Steamed)  				4 oz. 		3.40
  						16 oz.         11.15
Renshenwangjiang (Ginseng extract with Royal Jelly ampules)
  	10 cc ampules, 				10 count 	5.25
Shou Wu Chih,  liquid  (Water, Polygonum, Cloves)   		6.95

Tang Kuei Gin, liquid (69% Tang Kuei ,Astragalus, Rehmannia,Poria,
Peony, Ligisticum, Licorice in a water base.)    	5.75


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